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We Accept Visa/Mastercard

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For those of you looking to sell your dress to me, my offers are usually between 10-20% of original cost.  

This does not mean 10% OFF the cost,
it's 10-20%
OF the cost.

Example:  Original dress cost = $300,  offer will be between $30 and $60.

If you are interested in selling your dress I URGE you to read the Selling Dresses page for more valuable information.

The inventory on this site is Growing Daily.  

TIP  to find your perfect gown.  Use the Search For Dresses page to find what you are looking for.

EXAMPLE Entering "size 3" will bring back all the dresses in that size, you don't need the quotes!

You can Search for almost anything, size color, designer etc. 

Ladies, Moms, Grandmoms  remember that gorgeous evening dress, prom dress, bridesmaid dress, you bought for yourself, your daughter, your granddaughter.  Didn’t you/she look beautiful.  You searched all the major stores and specialty shops for that dress, picked out the one that was perfect for you, it made you feel unique, special.

 You came home after the event, put the dress back on its padded hanger, covered it with plastic wrapping and hung it in the back of your closet.   Where it has remained!  You will most likely never wear it again.  You might possibly lend it to your sister, daughter or friend, if they are the same size.  You won’t throw it out, it was so special and cost so much money.  What do you do with your used party dresses?  Donate or Sell them to me!  My website , will buy your prom dress, bridesmaid dress, evening dress or party dress and offer it for sale to folks looking for quality affordable party wear.   


If you came to this site looking for used prom dresses, used bridesmaid dresses or used evening dresses, you came to the right place.  My site offers gently used party wear for discount prices.  Most dresses have only been worn once.  Each dress is professionally cleaned, guaranteed to have no rips, no tears, faulty zippers or missing buttons.   Dresses are shipped to you, boxed, in fine tissue paper, just as you would expect a special, unique dress should be.


Beautiful prom dresses

Beautiful prom dresses

Exquisite prom dresses

For those of you looking to sell your dress to me.  My offers are usually 10-20% of original cost. 

If You Are Interested in Selling Your Dress I URGE you to PLEASE READ the Selling Dresses Page

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